One drank beer. One drank cola. One drank coffee. What these three average Americans had in common was kidney disease. What you will learn from their stories could save your life or the life of a loved one.

These three strangers— Mihoko, an Asian woman about 45, James, a white man about 40 and Bill, an African-American man about 60*— were all relaxing in the sauna at their health club.

“How come I always see you drinking lots of water?” James asked Bill, trying to strike up a conversation

“My doctor told me to. I need to keep my one kidney clean as a whistle,” Bill replied.

“One kidney? What do you mean?” Mihoko chimed in.

Bill then proceeded to tell them how he lost his other kidney to disease. “I never thought it would ever happen to me. I figured that since I loved to drink beer, especially on hot summer days, I always had plenty of fluid passing through my body.”

It turns out that 20 years of drinking beer had built up so much acid waste in Bill’s kidneys that these vital organs looked and felt like pieces of petrified wood. Bill’s doctor told him he had to cut the worst one out or he would die. Bill chose the operation.

James got a worried look on his face and said, “I just went to the doctor because I saw blood in my urine. He told me that after a lifetime of drinking cola all day long, my pancreas is in trouble, I have type 2 diabetes and my kidneys are severely damaged.” At this point, Mihoko pipes up and says, “I had such bad lower back trouble that I finally went to the doctor. He said that my urine is so filled with uric acid, phosphates and waste products that it’s a wonder I can walk at all.”

“What do you drink most of the time?” Bill asked.

“Coffee,” she said. “I always drink buckets of coffee to get me going.”
* Names changed to protect the privacy of these individuals.



“Wait a minute! Those three drinks don’t sound so horrible to me,” you might be saying. And yet all three of these people were fighting major kidney problems because they overindulged in these seemingly harmless beverages.

It was stories like these that inspired longevity researchers at the Institute for Vibrant Living® (IVL) to search for the world’s best kidney formula that would help prevent problems like these from happening to men and women of all ages.

After much investigation these dedicated nutritional explorers have given the world the ultimate cleansing agent for your worn, overworked kidneys — KIDNEY CLEAR™!

The research team at IVL is so confident that this remarkable product — now available to the general public — will keep you free of kidney problems for life that they have authorized a RISK-FREE trial offer. More about this generous NO-RISK offer later. First you need to understand...



There’s a two-word answer: OUR LIFESTYLE.

The common cause of kidney disease—including kidney stones, bladder diseases, uremic poisoning, and nephritis (chronic inflammation of the kidneys) — is what we eat and what we drink.

Why did beer, cola and coffee damage the kidneys of the three companions? These drinks may contain water, which is good, but they also contain sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other potentially harmful chemicals that all act as MAJOR DEHYDRATING AGENTS.

According to Andreas Moritz, author of The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, “Caffeinated beverages trigger stress responses that have strong diuretic effects (causing increased urination); beverages with added sugar raise blood sugar levels, which use up large quantities of water, too.”

The more you drink these wildly popular beverages, the more starved for water your body becomes and the more water your body is forced to draw from your cells to cleanse the harmful toxins found in these beverages.



According to the Centers for Disease Control, kidney disease is now included in the top 10 causes of death by a disease. But there’s more. KIDNEY STONES ARE 10 TIMES MORE COMMON NOW THAN THEY WERE AT THE START OF THE 20TH CENTURY. WHY?

The amount of animal fats and protein in the average American diet has increased significantly while the amount of vegetable protein has radically decreased.


Most proteins combine with sulfur and phosphorus. When you metabolize protein, these elements remain as sulfuric and phosphoric acid and must be neutralized by ammonia and alkaline minerals before they can be discharged safely by the kidneys.

While you’re sleeping, your blood is busy neutralizing harmful acidic substances and carrying them to the kidneys. The kidneys MUST REMOVE neutralized waste salts, uric acid, and ammonia; which is why your first urination in the morning always has a darker color and more odor. (YOUR KIDNEYS HAVE BEEN WORKING OVERTIME TO NEUTRALIZE AND DETOXIFY ACID WASTE AND MAKE IT READY FOR DISCHARGE!)

This overtime work by the kidneys is also why many men and women over 50 are awakened around 3 a.m. with a strong need to urinate. (THE KIDNEYS ARE STRUGGLING TO GET THEIR JOB DONE AND THEY SEND OUT A LOW BACK PAIN SIGNAL TELLING YOU TO GET UP AND GO—NOW!)


It’s no secret, but our consumption of sugar has gone through the roof! One hundred years ago, the average American ate 10 pounds of sugar a year, NOW WE INHALE 150 POUNDS OF SUGAR PER YEAR MAINLY THROUGH SOFT DRINKS.

The excess consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, can trigger kidney stones because the sugar stimulates the pancreas to release insulin which, in turn, causes extra calcium to be excreted into the urine which becomes one of the binding agents for stones.



As the body produces more acidic wastes, the kidneys get more taxed because they have to take those acids out from the blood. And guess what…



Because your kidneys must filter your blood, they can be easily damaged by exposure to certain drugs or toxins, including heavy metals, solvents and pesticides.

Worst of all is the use and abuse of popular over-the-counter painkillers. OVER 100 MILLION PEOPLE SUFFER from some form of chronic pain and we gobble painkillers almost faster than they can be produced — roughly $30 BILLION WORTH EVERY YEAR!

What most people don’t know is that PAINKILLERS ONLY MASK THE SYMPTOMS! Not only are pain sufferers stuck with what ails them, but they are actually WREAKING HAVOC ON THEIR KIDNEYS WHICH MUST WORK OVERTIME TO HELP DETOXIFY EACH AND EVERY IBUPROFEN, NAPROSYN AND ASPIRIN.

If you think this startling revelation is a false alarm, think again. 41,000 people die every year from using NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and a staggering percentage of those suffer a miserable death due to kidney failure. Not to mention the thousands that die each year from peptic ulcer disease (ulcers and bleeding) induced by taking these NSAIDSs.

How can you counterpunch the negative effects of the American diet? How can you avoid kidney stones, kidney damage, and kidney failure? There is an easy solution, BUT FIRST, it’s important to have a clear understanding of..



Wha your Kidneys really do for you Everyday.
It’s their critical job to filter blood (about 1700 quarts a day), ridding the body of waste products.

The kidneys filter metabolic waste products from protein, fat, various minerals, alcohol, drugs, and other ingested toxins.


Much of the water you drink is necessary to clean the blood and flush acid waste out of the body via the kidneys.

Your kidneys also regulate all your body’s water, electrolytes, monitor the acid/alkaline balance of your blood and help control blood pressure.


YOU’VE GOT TWO KIDNEYS LOCATED ON EITHER SIDE OF YOUR LOWER BACK (JUST BELOW YOUR RIB CAGE) AND WITHOUT THEIR FUNCTIONING PROPERLY, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT THRIVE. (Yes, you can live with just one kidney, but who wants to risk the remaining one getting diseased by the American lifestyle?)



Drink a minimum of 3 quarts of water every day. (That’s probably many more glasses of water than you currently drink!)

By far, the single most important thing you can do to prevent kidney stones is to increase your fresh water intake. Like nothing else in the world, WATER DILUTES URINE and helps prevent concentrations of the minerals and salts that can form stones.

Keep a diet low in animal fat, starches and carbohydrates. I know this secret flies in the face of the high protein craze that is now being touted on every TV show in America, but is that bacon burger really worth an increased risk for diapers and dialysis? NO WAY!

Use KIDNEY CLEAR™ every day. It’s a scientifically developed, 100% natural breakthrough formula that may help cleanse, repair and maintain strong kidney function, FOR LIFE.

Together, the special blend of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs and amino acids constitutes the most powerful kidney cleansing formula on the market today! Like nothing else can, KIDNEY CLEAR™ offers your kidneys a protective shield against the acid-and-sugar waste diet we chase while at the same time it helps cleanse the kidneys and keep them in a state of healthy circulation and discharge.



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The IVL research team is so confident that KIDNEY CLEAR™ will perform as cited that you are invited to try it risk-free. If it’s not everything described (and even better), return the unused portion for a full refund (less shipping) with no questions asked.

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Millions suffer from kidney and bladder problems. But you don’t have to be one of them! KIDNEY
can help eradicate current kidney problems, cleanse your renal system and maintain strong kidney function. THE RESULT? Your entire body will run more smoothly.



A strong disease-fighting immune system? Less back pain? Relief from all chronic conditions? Then try KIDNEY CLEAR™! It could be the most important decision you make in terms of improving your overall health picture.

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1. DRINK WATER! Drink 3 quarts of water daily. Fresh spring water is best. More than anything else, water will help cleanse your kidneys and keep them free of acid waste accumulation.


2. ELIMINATE SOFT DRINKS! Many soft drinks contain both caffeine and sugar. The excess sugar both dehydrates the body and over stimulates the pancreas to release insulin which is stressful on your heart.


3. ELIMINATE CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL! Caffeine and alcohol are strong diuretics. For every cup of coffee or glass of beer, the body gives up three glasses of water—which means the body is perpetually dehydrated. People who regularly consume these beverages can never really quench their thirst because their bodies are always running out of water.


4. DRINK LEMON JUICE! Take the juice of one lemon in warm water each morning. It’s a natural liver-and-kidney cleansing tonic.


5. SWEAT MORE! Sweating helps to eliminate toxins through your skin and thus alleviates the load placed on your lungs, colon and kidneys.


6. REDUCE RED MEAT INTAKE! Uric acid kidney stones form when we consume excessive amounts of animal protein —especially red meat. If the kidneys don’t remove all the uric acid, it ends up in the areas of the body with the poorest circulation like the toes and the feet and gout crystals (uric acid) are formed.


7. INCREASE YOUR GREENS! When you eat meat, cheese and all processed foods, you are eating acid-forming foods that throw off acid waste that accumulates in the kidneys. When you eat greens or green drinks, you alkalize the body and help cleanse acid waste accumulation.


8. TAKE VIGOROUS EXERCISE! When you walk, run, jump on a mini-trampoline or ride a bike for 20 minutes every day, you help activate the lymph system which helps cleanse the body of toxins and reduces stress on the kidneys.


9. REDUCE USE OF OVER-THE-COUNTER PAINKILLERS! Over the-counter painkillers must be broken down by the liver and kidneys. Both organs can become extremely taxed, fatigued and worn out by this constant detoxification process.


10. USE KIDNEY CLEAR™ on a regular daily basis to help cleanse, repair and maintain peak kidney function for life.

How to get Pain & Brain

ASTAXANTHIN for strong kidney function! Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, is 10 times more effective than beta-carotene and 100 to 500 times more effective than vitamin E for inhibiting fat oxidation. It helps to neutralize toxic effects of protein waste in the urine. Plus, it stimulates immune response by increasing the total number of T lymphocyte white blood cells.

CRANBERRY EXTRACT for strong kidney & bladder function! Bladder infections are a common problem for women, accounting for more than 6 million doctor visits each year. Cranberry can help curb bladder problems by preventing bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder.

GOLDENROD for strong kidney & bladder function! Goldenrod increases urine flow, helping to wash out bacteria and kidney stones. It also soothes inflamed tissues, calms muscle spasms in the urinary tract and helps ease low backache associated with kidney problems.

HOLY BASIL for strong kidney function! Holy basil is one of the “legendary” plants in Ayurvedic medicine for its wide use as an immune booster, anti-inflammatory, anticataract function, antidiabetic action and more. In the West, it’s known as an adaptogen, a tonic that helps physical and emotional adrenal response return to normal. It’s especially useful to the kidney because it helps detoxify the most harmful urinary waste products.

HORSETAIL for strong kidney function! An ancient herbal remedy, horsetail has traditionally been used to stop bleeding, form collagen, increase urine production and treat rheumatic problems such as arthritis. Horsetail’s greatest value, however, is for treating urinary tract infections, adult incontinence, even bed-wetting in children.

VARUNA for strong kidney function! Ayurvedic medicine has used varuna bark to treat kidney stones for over 3,000 years. Scientific research has shown that varuna deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidase. This reduces the body’s production of oxalates, which combine with calcium to form kidney stones. One of the other chemical components, lupeol, reduces the effects of kidney damage.

"Kidney Clear, this is what everybody needs for their body... I thank your company for making a product we can count on to keep our kidneys healthy. And Kidney Clear is easy to swallow and breaks down easily for me. I will always use Kidney Clear and recommend it to the world. Thank you.”
—R. Brown, Houston, Texas
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—M. L.
“I recently reordered Kidney Clear. I had had kidney disease for approximately twenty years and have been on and off diuretics that entire time. Since using this product I have been “diuretic-free”, as well as free from the many side effects the aforementioned medication caused. So far, so good. Thank you.” —G. P., Somerset,New Jersey
“Yes, this product worked for me. I had back pain in my kidney area, but now after using
Kidney Clear the pain is completely gone.”

—Jeffrey Boyns, California
“My doctors tested my kidney function and raised the alarm. I am diabetic. I bought your Kidney Clear and took it every day. My test results have shown a steady improvement every time I have a blood test. I am still taking it and am very grateful. My doctor was skeptical, but I have been taking it every day and truly believe your product is doing away with problems with my kidney. Thank you again and may God bless you.” —J. B., Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
“While taking Kidney Clear I quit drinking coke and coffee while I drank more water. In spite of this I did not urinate as often and I also lost 10 pounds. I am 64-years-old, but feel a lot younger and look a lot younger (less wrinkles) because of your product. Thank you for everything.” —M. H., Eagle Butte,
South Dakota
“Yes, I did buy Kidney Clear from you sometime ago and it’s the best remedy I’ve ever tried. In fact, I didn’t need it anymore; my kidneys are 100% well again. No more problems. I am doing just fine thanks to Kidney Clear.” —Mary Alarcon, New Mexico

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“When I first started taking Kidney Clear I thought it wasn’t going to work. I was into three weeks of taking it before I really noticed a difference. By the end of the thirty-day supply I could tell it was working. My lower back pain was almost completely gone. I would recommend it to everyone.” —Shirley Davis, Ocala, Florida
“The product Kidney Clear is a wonderful product. It does everything that you all say it will do.” —L. S., Spartanburg, South Carolina
“With gratitude to IVL for introducing me to Kidney Clear. By using it and drinking much water I take no medicines.”—L. S., Independence, Missouri
“I have gone through about 4 or 6 bottles of Kidney Clear. I have been feeling so much better. Every time I went to the doctor he claimed I needed kidney pills. Using the alternative way, I started taking Kidney Clear and the doctor says everything is fine. I take it with a glass of water each morning... Anything I’ve purchased from IVL I have been very happy and blessed. God bless you and thank you.” —J. P., North Royalton, Ohio
“About six months ago, my kidney doctor informed me that I needed to prepare for dialysis because my kidneys were down to 15%. I ordered Kidney Clear, a 3-month supply with one free bottle. I just started on the free bottle. My kidney doctor referred me to the Kidney Transplant Center here in Nashville. They gave me tests that I had never heard of. After taking Kidney Clear for one month, I went to see my family doctor and was told that my kidneys were much improved. I’m still on the transplant list, but no one has suggested dialysis. So far, so good. If I don’t receive a transplant before I run out, I intend to reorder.” —Romulus Ward, Tennessee
“I have only used Kidney Clear a few times, but I have been pleasantly surprised about how pleased I am with the results. I find the advertising regarding it to be amazingly accurate. It has worked for me, and kept me from having to purchase expensive prescription drugs. I try to stay with all of the natural remedies that I possibly can. I am pleased that I have become acquainted with Kidney Clear.” —Mrs. R. B., Lamesa, Texas
“By using Kidney Clear I have certainly reduced the urgency as well as the frequency of urination. I trust that the condition will continue to improve and thus far I am very pleased with the relief I’ve received by using Kidney Clear.” —Len Kalish, California
“When my doctor told me that my last kidney was only working 60%, it didn’t surprise me at all. I was so tired, didn’t feel good and spent a lot of my time in bed. However, after using “Kidney Clear” for only 5 weeks and “Mega Beta Glucan” for one week I have more energy and feel more positive. Thank you for this new life.” —D. C., Maplewood
“I find Kidney Clear to be a very good product; it has lived up to its advertised promise. Before taking your product I was experiencing discomfort on the right side kidney. I wasn’t sure whether it was muscular or my kidney, but after taking Kidney Clear for about a week I noticed the discomfort had disappeared. Since I ordered a couple bottles of Kidney Clear I still take one a day. Very good product and so is your Liver Clear.”
—J. G.
“I am a 78 year old type 2 diabetic and my urine tests showed that I was slightly anemic. Shortly after using Kidney Clear my urine test showed that I was completely normal.”
—R. L.
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These testimonials reflect only a portion of the positive feedback IVL has received about KIDNEY CLEAR™. This all-natural formula cannot only help your kidney function; it can do it without hurting your pocketbook!

Important Note: We fully recognize that consumer testimonials do not equate to scientific proof of a products effectiveness. However, we do feel it is valid information for people to have when evaluating whether they want to consider using a product. Moreover, the accounts appearing here are for informational purposes only and are not to be construed that every individual will receive the exact same benefits as reported.

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